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Step 2

Hi! My name is Raitis and we will get to Step 2 in a moment.

But first - a question for you.

Would you like your ads, blog posts and videos to reach more people?

I thought so. It’s possible. But let me start with a scientific image of the current situation. Ignored-ad

See, the most optimistic study¹ on the topic says that only 1 ad in 30 stands out enough to engage us.

The same or worse is true for anything we put out there. Be it videos, blog posts, podcasts or ads.

Your audience has an abundance of choices. And without the Step 1 of standing out you might as well not exist.

You can’t proceed to Step 2: Capture attention. And certainly not jump to Step 3.

It’s a problem. And there’s challenge, pain and joy in solving it.

For the past 4 years I’ve been helping startups and young businesses to solve exactly that. To stand out and grow.

To get from this: Your-mom-likes-this

To this: SUATMM

I have written email sequences to cold audiences averaging over 40% open rate. Done customer research that’s on par to reading their minds. Got myself and others featured in press which resulted in leads and sales.

I think and research what your audience desires. Then help you exceed their expectations.

This is how I help you to become the one that stands out, captures attention and goes to Step 3: Get results.

  1. Media Dynamics Inc. study on adult’s media consumption

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