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Step 1: Stand Out

Here’s a scientifically backed image:

Only 1 ad in 30 engages us

According to Media Dynamics Inc. study on adult’s media consumption only 1 ad in 30 engages us.

The picture above shows the most optimistic scenario. Only 1 ad in 30 stands out enough to engage us.

The same or worse is true for everything we put out there. Be it videos, blog posts, podcasts or entire websites.

Your audience has an abundance of choices. And without the Step 1 of standing out you might as well not exist.

You can’t proceed to Step 2: Capture attention. And certainly not jump to Step 3.

Getting from this: Your mom likes this on Facebook

To this: Shut up and take my money gif

Is a challenge I’ve been helping businesses solve for the past 4 years.

I have been doing this by writing copy that sells. By creating things that people want to share. By fixing the little quirks that stop people from buying.

I will do this for you so you can stand out, capture attention and go to Step 3: Get results.

See how below.

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