Favorite Tools for Productivity, Marketing and Other Shenanigans

September 1, 2018 · 1 minute read

Jim Carrey working

No referral links below in case you wondered. These are the tools that I use and love. Most of them with a free version. :)


  • Meistertask - for daily to-do lists, checklists, shopping lists and the rest.
  • Workflowy - for long term goals, weekly activity lists, long term project planning.
  • Toggl - for tracking my time with least friction. I don’t plan where I will spend every minute, but I track it to see where I can improve.

If you haven’t yet - take a look at how I plan my time to avoid anxiety and overwhelm.

Note taking

  • Hobonichi Techo planner - random notes, thoughts, plans and an occasional to-do. It’s the place I put my wandering mind into to avoid 100s of post-it notes.
  • Atom with org-mode package - for taking notes in a simple way and keeping them locally. Not perfect by any means, but various in-text markdown should stand the test of time.

To be continued.