Practical Podcasts for the Obsessed

August 29, 2018 · 2 minute read

Perpetual Traffic

Hands down the most practical, insightful and detailed podcast on digital marketing there is.

It’s a constant source of ideas, best practices and realization of my own mistakes. If advertising on digital channels, especially on Facebook is something that you do or would like to do - this is the one.

Tim Ferriss Show

The mind opener.

Long form and full of insights that you may need to rewind and listen to again. Tim is a host that asks questions others don’t. He digs in deep and doesn’t interrupt where he shouldn’t. It’s a good experience overall that’s full of insights.

The Art of Charm

The way Perpetual Traffic is for marketing this is for people skills.

Great actionable advice on how to become better with people. Not in some hack kind of way, but by being a genuine, understanding and attentive human being. By giving first and making a great first impression.

Indie Hackers

Huge successes are nice, but how do people achieve them?

Goes into detail of those years of work it takes to become an overnight success. Expect great insights, especially if you’re going the bootstrapped small company route.


Constantly gets your gears grinding.

Seth Godin has a calm and soothing tone while sharing the most insightful ideas. His newsletter is also worth your time.

Planet Money

Holy shit I never knew! The food for the curious brain.

Relatively short and easy to listen to. Great for those short commutes where you can’t get fully focused but still want to end up smarter than before. Planet Money is the reason of multiple times of How do you know that? reactions as well outside the box ideas from unrelated fields to something I do.

I have listened to and still listen to more hosts and different episodes, but the ones mentioned stick around.

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