Raitis Gocentas: Resume

August 26, 2018 · 6 minute read

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Airline Pilot’s studies with Master’s Degree in Transport Engineering at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) 2009 - 2014

Former Commercial Pilot’s License holder.

Graduate of:

  • Think101x: The Science of Everyday Thinking by The University of Queensland, Australia
  • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by McMaster University & University of California San Diego

Certified in:

Currently attending:

  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science by HarvardX

Job experience:

Copywriter That Gets You Sales | March 2018 - Present

Engaged in helping startups and young businesses grow by using great copy, funnels, digital channels and growth hacks effectively. Recently improved lead funnel’s effectiveness by 48.9% for a commodity business in a particularly competitive market.

Robotics Engineer at MIO Robotics | Once in 2016, then July 2017 to March 2018:

I was responsible for the early prototypes of robot remote control and product serving mechanisms made in 2016.

Starting July 2017 - produced CAD drawings and built a semi-monocoque robot platform able to carry at least 100 kg of weight. Also prepared drawings for CAM.

CMO at Millo | November 2016 - July 2017:

Lead marketing before and during Millo Kickstarter Campaign. Collected pre-campaign leads at $0.5 via Facebook ads, wrote copy for a 5 email sequence with an average 39.2% open rate. We successfully raised over $100 000 including the post-campaign upsells.

As a part of 3 people team with several advisors and later some interns I was responsible for handling every aspect of marketing before and during the campaign. This included:

  • Writing copy for email newsletters, sequences, landing pages, the Kickstarter campaign and video script.
  • Handling the advertising budget, creating and overseeing Facebook ads with mentorship from Adomas Baltagalvis - the guy behind Facebook ads of several 7 figure Kickstarter campaigns.
  • Creating and publishing content on social media, planning the content and rewards of the Kickstarter campaign.
  • Cold outreach to press which lead to mentions in places like Mashable, Forbes, New Atlas as well as writing of articles and their outlines for the publications.

Social Media and Content Manager at Green Garage Makerspace | August 2015 - August 2016:

Was responsible for crafting photo, video and written content, managing multiple social media channels, running Facebook ads.

Attained over 250% fanpage growth on Facebook and helped Green Garage to turn into the best known makerspace in Lithuania.

The role also included customer support in a physical space and over digital channels, content planning for workshops, teambuildings and everything else you have to do in a small team of a fast moving startup.

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Freelance Lithuanian - Latvian - Lithuanian and English - Latvian - English translator | April 2011 - July 2015:

Was responsible of translating various legal, technical and business documents accurately and on time. Often worked with sensitive and confidential legal, business and medical data.

Marketer at Armaldia browser game | March 2018 - December 2018:

A few hours per week with the reward of pushing a project forward with minimal resources.

My responsibilities included the general direction and strategy of Armaldia’s marketing effort. Constantly writing on the devblog and mailing our subscribers about the latest updates. It’s a satisfying challenge of presenting dry development updates in an engaging form and wrapping them in a story to get people reading.

Hardware Product Prototype Maker and Consultant | December 2010 - December 2018

Non-profit and volunteer experience:

Chief Organizer for Lithuanian Downhill Cup races December 2008 - September 2012:

Part of the 4 person team that organized the 1st ever official downhill race in Lithuania as part of the international Baltic Downhill Cup. The sole organizer of the events for 3 consecutive years afterwards until a stronger and more resourceful team wanted to take over.

Responsibilities included contacting potential sponsors for event support. Getting required permits. Organizing the production and distribution of promotional material. Planning tracks and organizing people to help with their construction.

The Lead of Marketing Committee at AGAISA, part of VGTU Students’ Representatory September 2010 - October 2012:

Responsible for managing the members of The Marketing Committee, preparing yearly marketing strategy and reaching out to potential sponsors and partners of events and the organization itself. Participated in over 5 trainings and workshops lead by alumni with track record in relative fields.


Reading voraciously. Take a look at my most recent and impactful reads here.

Going down the hill on a mountain bike at speeds that my insurance company would rather not know.

Making things: woodworking, electronics and digital fabrication.

Podcast connoisseur. Take a look at my favorites here.

Tasting, experiencing and preparing food.

Finding unexpected connections between technology, marketing and advertising

Educational projects:

Participant in Hardware.co Hardware Startup Accelerator in Berlin - July 2017:

Participated as a part of MIO tech team in this intense 2 week accelerator program. Had deep and insightful mentoring sessions with world class professionals in fields of sales, marketing, development strategy.

Afterwards was responsible for pitching our robot and services to large international companies including Audi, Saint Gobain and Deutsche Bahn. Not a lot of use for an engineer, but extremely useful for me as someone with marketing experience and inclination.

Participant at the Festival of Marketing 2017 in London as a part of MIO Robotics.

Participant in Business2Business Entrepreneurship Camp in July 2014.

Participant in preIgnition Business and Pre-accelerator Program April-July 2013.

Participant in AdVenture Business School - March-June 2012:

An intense 4 month entrepreneurship program according to material from Imperial College London (ICL) Business School methodology. Included lectures on key aspects in business like accounting, marketing, management as well as personal aspects of motivation and goal setting.

Was a part of a team presented with a real business problem which we were working together to analyze and solve under the mentorship of a seasoned CEO.

Appearances and achievements:

Speaker at every Hack&Tell event in Technarium hackerspace in 2018.

Guest post author on the widest reaching food publication in Lithuania - VMG (Kitchen Myth Busters):

Successfully reached out via cold email, pitched an article idea and tied in technology I work with (3D printing) with a seemingly unrelated field of food.

Speaker at HubCamb #33 with a talk titled “Technology helps us be sustainable”

Grand Prize winner in the Instructables Remix Contest and an active contributor on the site

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