CRO - Get More Sales With What You Already Have

February 15, 2019 · 3 minute read

What is CRO?

CRO is Conversion Rate Optimization.

A methodical approach to increasing the amount of visitors taking the desired action on your website, app or a physical location. The action can be anything you define - sales, registrations, content views or something else.

Can you benefit from CRO?

Most likely - yes.

Here’s the essential 3-step checklist to start with:

  1. How fast does my website load? (Aim for 3 seconds or less)
  2. Is the page easy to use on mobile?
  3. Does the page lead a visitor toward your desired goal with layout, design and copy?

While simple - the trio above is making you lose the most money.

Imagine this scenario:

  • You had $10 000 to spend on advertising - driving traffic to your website.
  • You were paying $1 per click on your ad resulting in 10 000 clicks. Remember that clicks are not visits yet!
  • Your site takes 6 seconds to load. 30% of those who clicked couldn’t wait and closed your site before it loaded. You end up with 7 000 visitors on your site.
  • Your site isn’t exactly mobile-friendly. 60% or 4 200 of the visitors to your site visited it on their phone. 80% of them didn’t bother browsing further since it’s inconvenient. You’re left with 3 640 people on your site.
  • 50% of the remaining 3 640 people couldn’t really grasp if you offer what they need and left. You now have 1 820 visitors left that are still figuring it out, trying to deal with slow load times and inconveniences on mobile.

Just 18.2% of visitors are left. You wasted 81.8% or $8 180 out of your initial ad budget.

Let’s say we fix just one of these - reduce load time by half, to 3 seconds. Now only 10% of people couldn’t wait and closed the site.

You end up with 9 000 visitors and, after we account for all the other losses there are 2 160 visitors left on the site. You’re still wasting a lot of money, but now have 340 more people to potentially sell your wares to.

340 people is a 18.7% increase over the pre-optimization visitor amount of 1820.

Now fix the other 2 and you are well on your way to making more sales than you ever have.

While it’s not realistic to reach 100% no one can deny you the will to try. That’s exactly what CRO is about - trying to do more by improving what you already have.

You can do the 3-step checklist yourself or I can do it for you for free as well as offer other improvements to boost your sales.

Get a free CRO audit.

It’s your call. Improve, or settle with less.